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Sunday, 19 February 2012 13:23

Chinese herbal medicine can enhance performance in sports

Chinese herbal medicine can enhance performance in sports. This has been proven at the 1993 Chinese National Games. During this sporting event, nine athletes broke world records. All around the world, people started doubting the athletes. They felt they were doped.


But the runners had cleared the doping tests. The results were negative. People could not understand how in the world the athletes break the records. What was the magic behind it? How could this miracle happen?

To put paid to all speculations, the Chinese coach then held a meeting with journalists. He attributed the athletes’ performance to herbal medicine. This herbal medicine increased the lung’s capacity naturally. No wonder the Chinese athletes put up a world-beating performance.

American pole vaulter Kory Tarpenning was inspired by this idea. At the Olympics in Barcelona, Kory finished a stunning fourth place. He had never expected to be there. He attributed his performance to Chinese herb potions. One herbal mixture contained the horn of deer, which is known to have high molecules of testosterone. The other mixture contained ginseng, which is the aromatic root of the ginseng plant.

From these incidents it is clear that Chinese herbal medicine can enhance performance in sports. The safest herb is Cordyceps. It is derived from moth larva, thus making rather unusual. Cordyceps builds the immune system, and raises energy levels in the body.

Ginseng is also popular, and well known all over the world. Ginseng is known to strengthen the cardiac system during high-stress sporting situations.


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