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Wednesday, 29 February 2012 10:46

Useful Facts On Enzyme Therapy For Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that affects almost 3% of the world population. It is a chronic disease that is caused because the body either does not produce insulin or the cells are not able to use the insulin effectively. There are two types of diabetes – type one and type two. The root of the problem in both types is a fatigued pancreatic gland.

Useful Facts On Enzyme Therapy For Diabetes

The pancreas produces not only insulin, but also other enzymes that are required to digest food. Diabetic patients supplement the insulin intake but the pancreas needs to still produce enzymes to digest food. Diabetic patients need to give their pancreas rest and this would mean not only rest from insulin production but rest from producing digestive enzymes as well. This is where enzyme therapy comes in.  Enzyme therapy looks to supplement these naturally produced enzymes and thus give the pancreas the little rest it needs.

Facts On Enzyme Therapy For Diabetes

Types Of Enzymes Produced By The Pancreas

The pancreas basically produces two sets of enzymes apart from insulin. One set of enzymes is metabolic enzymes and these cannot be supplemented. They are absolutely essential for various things like waste removal, immunity and so on. The other set of enzymes are the ones that aid digestion and natural products or synthetic supplements can supplement them.

Raw Foods

Enzymes are found in abundance in raw foods. With each passing generation our intake of raw food is seeing a large decline. Raw food these days is also contaminated with pesticides and insecticides. Organic raw food contains enzymes that aid digestion and these raw foods can supplement the enzymes the body requires. This job would have fallen otherwise on the already tired pancreatic gland.


Synthetic Supplements

Synthetic supplements are laboratory prepared and they can be purchased over the counter in any medical store. They are effective and can be consumed easily. There is no effort involved in using synthetic supplements. The only draw back is that we still do not know how these enzymes react with normal enzymes that are found in the foods we eat. All the enzymes are also not found in one source. Hence it may become very important to maintain the balance of enzymes effectively.


Apart from many raw foods (not frozen), honey is considered one of the best supplements for enzyme therapy for diabetes. It must be taken into account that this honey must not be heated or treated, it must be taken raw. This honey is supposed to have all the enzymes that are required for digestion as well as a unique insulin like factor. It has the capability of supplementing the insulin needs of the body.

Honey not only helps the pancreas with digestive enzymes but also helps it cope with the body’s insulin demands. Enzyme therapy for diabetes is an area that is being studied in great detail and there are new revelations that are being found periodically. Since diabetes is a disease that has no direct cure, enzyme therapy is considered a preferred alternate therapy to deal with it.


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