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Sunday, 05 February 2012 00:58

Why Should You Take Sweet Corn Regularly

Scientifically known as Zea mays, corn grows up in the form of ears and each of them is covered in rows of kernels. These kernels are covered by silk line threads known as corn silk which is encased in a husk.Yellow sweet corn is a good source of minerals, vitamins, several nutrients and antioxidants. Sweet corn is a low fat complex carbohydrate and contains  no cholesterol like in vegetables.

White corn is however comparatively lower in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Sweet corn which has got high fiber and kernels that fight with fat in a human body is a deserving snack on any healthy table.


According to the United States Department for Agriculture or USDA, an ear of sweet corn having medium size weighs around 100 grams. Out of this 1.5 grams are fats, 3 grams are proteins, and 21 grams are carbohydrates. The remaining parts are water, indigestible matter and extra nutrients.

Protein And Fat:

3.3 grams of protein can be got from one ear of corn. It is also estimated that 18 various amino acids are also present in sweet corn. One ear of corn will have nearly 1.38 grams of fat which is calculated as lesser than 5% of the Dietary Reference Intake or DRI.When taken a cup of sweet corn, you are supposed to get less than 2 grams of fat.


As an estimate, one ear of sweet corn has got 2 grams of fiber, where as the DRI for fiber is 14 grams per every 1000 calories. Actually one ear of sweet corn gives us nearly 7% of the DRI for adults on a 2000 calories if taken in diet.

Calories And Carbohydrates:

A minimum of 77 calories are said to be supplied by a 7 inch ear of sweet corn. Most of these calories will originate from 19.1 grams of carbohydrates present in one ear. The sweet taste of corn comes from its sugar of 6.4 grams. A huge proportion of this sugar is in the form of glucose. We can get fructose and sucrose too from sweet corn.One cup of sweet corn which is raw has got about 132 calories irrespective of white or yellow. When corn gets cooked, we get 144 calories in one cup because of its shrinking after cooking. One cup of sweet corn contains 4 grams of fiber and 5 grams of sugar including 10% of the recommended allowance.


Sweet corn is a very good source of many types of B vitamins. Thiamin, niacin, pantothenic acid and folate which are different kinds of B vitamin are present in one ear of sweet corn. The basic function of all these B vitamins provided by sweet corn is that of metabolizing carbohydrates, proteins and fat. Nevertheless, sweet corn does not contain vitamin D and a fresh sweet corn provides vitamin C in high quantities approximately 17% of the DRI. Vitamins A and E are in very less proportions and beta carotene is included in sweet corn in satisfying proportion.


Another good source from sweet corn is minerals and as an estimate one ear of sweet corn give us 13% of the DRI of phosphorous and 14% of potassium, 38 milli grams of magnesium which accounts for 12% of the DRI for women and 9% of the DRI for men.


Sweet corn has got very less sodium nearly 23 milli grams in one cup serving which is only 2% of the DRI.

Anti Oxidants:

Lutein which is an anti oxidant important for keeping our eyes and skin healthy is provided in abundant quantities yellow corn. White sweet corn has got very less quantity of lutein.

Health Benefits:

For grown ups and elders, corn helps in body building, solves many of the kidney problems and renal infections. Use corn bran very often in various dishes, to lower your cholesterol and also to protect your heart from major disorders. . Corn is a good contributor forProtecting your heart due to the significant amounts of folate it contains.  A person can also over come anemia and constipation by eating corn daily.

Protects From Lung Cancer:

Carotenoid which is rich in beta cryptoxanthin is available in high amounts in corn and this protects us from being attacked by lung cancer.

Uses Of Corn Starch:

Many cosmetics manufacturers find the application of corn starch as an ingredient. Skin rashes and irritations can be smoothened by applying corn starch.For many of these reasons, include sweet corn as your favorite snack item and enjoy your health happily.


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